Pink Sony PSP

by Dhiram Shah

After the pink PS2 here is another treat for female gamers a pink PSP. The Sony PSP has just about everything you could ever want in a handheld system. However it follows the footsteps of its family member –PS2. As PSP is not exclusively for men, Sony has gone ahead and draped it in Pink to entice its female consumers too. Sony’s collaboration with pink will reflect the shared values between the artist, PlayStation and all the young women with freedom, confidence and attitude. The exclusive and exciting Pink content made available in this limited edition will let young women discover the entertainment potential of PSP beyond gaming. After the success of Nintendo’s pink adventure, Sony too has smartened up to the fact that Pink gizmos would be attractive to the female population and lure more females into gaming.

Along with the Pink PSP you can gain access to exclusive Pink-related downloads, courtesy of Sony’s YourPSP.com service. Scheduled to be released on October 27 in Europe only, the Pink PSP Value Pack will cost $ 320.
Via – Gizmodiva


  1. Kate

    I wonder when it will be in the us

  2. aprille

    where do i get this pink psp?. :]

  3. maria

    where can i buy the pink psp?

  4. sandra

    where can i buy a pink psp?

  5. Thuy

    I want one of these pink psp’s soo bad that I’ll fly to Japan to get one.

  6. summer

    where can i buy a pink psp

  7. Reya

    …we have buy a psp..but the problem is it cant connect the internet

  8. bettina

    where do i buy white psp or pink psp

  9. tennessee

    i bought ds psp pink for only 16,000php…the only problem is that it cant connect in the internet…what should i do?

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