Pink Floyd ‘The Wall’ PC case mod

by yogesh

You can be a rock fan and still not miss being a geek and vice versa. You can be someone who has a hard time deciding whether to buy the latest high-config PC or a Les Paul. The integration of two personalities in a single person is what results in products that are as sexy and cool as this memoir to the pioneers of psychedelic rock. The Pink Floyd”The Wall” PC Case mod can liven up your work station by adding the elements that will add a great touch to your PC cabinet. Any Floyd fan will have a hard time taking his/her eyes off this one. the hammers, the emblems and the bricked design are all in line and memory of the greatest album by the band.

We do no some modification! This is a collector’s delight as the traces from the album and the movie make up a lot of the lost memories of arguably one of the biggest bands in rock history.

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