Pill bottle caps will soon send SMS reminders about your medicines

by Dhiram Shah

Bottle caps haven’t been touched by the few innovative heads we have around us. The last I saw was the domination of really cool openers and corkscrews. However, we have a major breakthrough in the art of designing bottle caps, for pills, to be more specific. These cool new bottle caps that are around the corner will be able to send SMS alerts to us, reminding us about the medicines that we have to take at a particular time, should you forget to do so.

There’s word that these caps will also play jingles to coax you to lift your wrinkled ass off the couch and make it to your detested medicine drawer. This system is even supported by the likes of AT&T, so it means that it isn’t any small rumor or unnoticed concept that we’re looking at. We await pricing details.

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