Pico-Falcon the worlds smallest remote controlled helicopter that fits on the tip of your finger

by Dhiram Shah

They just keep on getting smaller and smaller, first they fit in the palm of your hand, than the palm of a toddlers hand and now they they can take off and land on the tip of your finger. I am talking about the Pico Falcon a remote controlled helicopter from renowned Japanese video game publisher Bandai. So how small is it? The tiny copter is a mere 46mm in length, to put it in perspective the iPhone 5S is 7.6mm thick. According to the company it is the worlds smallest, it comes with two counter rotating blades and in built gyro sensor.

pico-falcon-helicopter-2With the provided remote control, you can fly the copter in all directions. A 30 minute charge gives you 4 minutes of flying time, although its on your expertise on how soon you can land it perfectly on your siblings forehead. Available in the land of the rising sun as of now for ¥ 4,838 ($ 45).







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