Piaggio Gilera GP 800 the world’s fastest scooter

by Dhiram Shah

The Piaggio Gilera GP 800 made its debut in Milan and is the world’s fastest scooter yet. It is powered by a twin cylinder 850 cc engine delivering 75 hp power output and torque of over 76 Nm. The engine roars to life with a simple touch of a button on the handlebar. Three separate mappings for the totally automatic transmission and a sequential shift with 7 gears make it easy to find the best-adapted configuration for the riding conditions. Stopping power is provided by two 300 mm steel disks in front, gripped by two Brembo dual-piston floating calipers, and a 280 mm rear disk. The Gilera GP 800 has a strong steel frame, weighs around 235 kgs and has 16″ wheels in the front and 15″ at the rear ensure road grip and steering precision worthy of a motorcycle. Keeping in touch with the Italian tradition the GP 800 aluminium handle bars, wheel rims, light alloy fork and exclusive upholstery.
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The Piaggio Gilera GP 800 is still a year away from entering into production.



  1. Piaggio Gilera GP800 Scooter

    All you speed devils and scooter junkies out there shall dig the Piaggio Gilera GP 800 Scooter which also claims to be the “world fastest scooter ever”! The scooter draws it juice from a twin cylinder 850 cc engine delivering…

  2. jcdorz

    You say it is the world’s fastest but you don’t say how fast. So how fast is it? JC

  3. BULLY

    you should say it’s the “biggest” scooter not “fastest”!

  4. Hex

    What makes you believe its not the fastest i think its the fastest massive production scooter, i dont know a scooter that gets closest to the numbers of this bike i mean hp/kg not even the t-max so if you know any other faster production scooter i would be please to know…

  5. Rigo

    So far the king of the “Maxi scooter” class is the Suzuki Burgman 650. These other bikes are concept bikes that are not in production yet. These concepts are Piaggio Gilera 800, Honda’s E4-01 750cc and Suzuki plans to dominate with the largest of all the G Strider concept at 900CC!!!

  6. Terius - Ohio

    The Suzuki Burgman 650 Is The Largest &Fastest In Production.With 54bhp & A Top Speed Of 115mph. In The U.S. It Retails For $7,800. The Gilera 800 Claims 75bhp & A Top Speed Of Over 120mph I Wonder What It Will Cost? Anyway, This Bike Will Only Go 5 More mph Than The Burgman Im Sure With 20 More bhp It Will Accelerate Quicker Than The Burgman But Still, Its Only 5 More mph Top Speed. Thats Not Impressive To Me If They Claim The Worlds Fastest Scooter It Should Have A Top Speed Of At Least 135mph. If This Bike Cost A Penny More Than The Burgman I Wouldnt Buy It! Based On The Photos Ive Seen Of The Gilera The Burgman Still Has A Better Looking Design & In My Opinion It Just Looks More Comfortable. In Closing The Gilera 800 Is Just A Concept Bike, Hence The Word [Concept] This Bike Probably Wont Make Production & Even If It Does It Wont Reach The U.s.

  7. Rumble

    I’m new to this maxi-scooter business, but I’m very interested. I don’t understand why the Gilera 800 won’t be sold in the states because this is a hot bike and most of my friends and myself were hoping and anticipating this bike hitting production. I have notice that the hot scooters don’t make it to the States like the T-Max, only the old timer scooters that don’t resemble crochrocket bikes. I had major knee surgery and the crochrockets are out of the question because of the shifting. But the T-Max and especially the Gilera 800 will be a sure bet, in fact I would buy one tomorrow if they were availible in the States. Why not, I really need to be educated on this issue, so someone put me down on the not sold in the U.S. situation.

  8. DP

    I have a honda silverwing 600, and in comparison to many sites on the web to the T max and the burgman 650 overall the honda silverwing is the best.

  9. TC

    My Bergman 650 will have been on the road for five years next month: it’s popular in Australia because it is a capable tourer as well as a superlative shopping cart in the suburbs.
    However, it needs bigger wheels to handle the poor roads here; it would perform more happily with a pillion passenger if it had 900 ccs and we would appreciate a fuel capacity enlarged by 50%.
    This sounds very much like the Honda E4-01 concept – a bike I would buy in a microsecond as the next logical step in the development of two-wheeled transport.

  10. jcdorz

    The Gilera GP800 isn’t even available, not sure why. The Burgman 650 is the fastest and largest production scooter in the world. The 115 mph is the indicated top speed. Suzuki made the speedometer 10% fast so the real speed would be 103.5 mph. That is still faster than you would ever need.

  11. Stuart Hayman

    Long way to go to beat a Silver Wing. This will do over 100 mph and I’m not sure how much faster you want to go. Man above is right and its easy (relatively) to create concept bikes, like the 750 flat four of Honda (?)getting it to market is another ballgame.

  12. Richard Mann

    After a long list of “normal” bikes, I recently had a T-max 500 for a year or so. Had a suprising amount of fun on it, but real limiting factors for these bikes is lack of grip and excessive weight. You just can’t throw them around corners as confidently as a well set up bike.
    If Gilera do make a three wheeler with this engine, though, it could be a hoot – especially on acabby British roads.

  13. AL G.

    I own a 2006 Burgman and I love it. I was really hoping the Gilera 800 or some other large mega-scooter would make it to the States but it looks very doubtful anytime soon. None of the dealers I’ve contacted are expecting any (or have even heard much about it). The problem is that in the U.S. it’s very much a macho “gearhead” kind of mentality. Scooters by and large are looked at with contempt by the Harley and Crotch-rocket set and dealers here don’t see much sales potential for them. The rest of the world seems to be more open minded in this regard.

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