Phrazcase iPhone 5S case displays emoticons and phrases

by Gareth Mankoo

Why settle for something static and mundane as a smartphone accessory when you can liven it up with a case that keeps changing, portraying various pre-entered thoughts that your idle mind would always concur with. Seeking pardon for that incredulously long sentence, I’d like to introduce you to the ingenious Phrazcase iPhone 5S case. It comes decked with a screen of LED lights and buttons that help you choose from the 20 emoticons or seven phrases, which are pre-programmed on the case. It isn’t connected to your phone through Bluetooth or any other network and all controls are housed on the case itself.

A great thing about the cases is that they are made of silicon, thus making them shock-proof to a great degree. This is, after all, one of the primary uses of a case. The Phrazcase will soon be made available for the iPad Mini and 5th generation iPod Touch as well. No word on the exact price or date as yet.

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