Phoenix IP Radio streaming music from the net

by Dhiram Shah

Internet radio is growing in popularity as it provides hassle-free listening and far more many stations than frequency modulated signals (given that you have a decent internet bandwidth). Thus, the Phoenix IP Radio is very welcome into our midst. It performs IP streaming to give out some good quality music of our choice. The radio is shaped just like an ordinary FM one, so that makes it acceptable and portable for travelling. It connects using Wi-Fi and has eight presets so that you can get started right away without hunting for internet stations. It also has Bluetooth connectivity so that we can use Bluetooth headphones to enhance our entertainment. Most of us like waking up to music rather than monotonous beeps from our alarm clocks, so we program our CD players or DVD systems accordingly. The IP radio has this feature as well so that we can set the alarm to a certain timeslot dedicated to our favorite music and be guaranteed to have a kind awakening.

The Phoenix IP Radio costs $249. Being all milky white in color, this baby can be overlooked as another iPod accessory.

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