Philips One Piece DVD Home Theatre system

by Dhiram Shah

When we think of buying a home theatre system what exactly do we picture? a few towers speakers or maybe stylish stands and a subwoofer and some more pieces of technology strewn here and there in our living room. But then, not all of us who can afford those jumbo entertainment systems or live in houses large enough to accommodate all the equipment. The Philips One Piece DVD Home Theater System showcased at CES 2007 is the solution to the problems of such. Providing all the assets that home theatres provide, in a single unit (save the independent subwoofer), it includes a DVD player with a HDMI output and a 1080p upconversion. It provides mind blowing surround sound with Sonowave speakers (that are conveniently in-built).

The Philips One Piece DVD Home Theatre system is brilliantly sleek to look at and is blessed with a very futuristic styling and finish. A very covetable piece indeed but then there hasn’t been much say about pricing and the date of release. So let the desire to own this one burn on and on (or at least till the system makes its grand entry into our markets).