Philips In Touch Concept Message Board

by Dhiram Shah

Philips has just made those post-its on your fridge redundant. Their new In Touch Screen keeps you updated with your family and their routine. In Touch is a mirror that transforms into a touch screen message center, providing an alternative to leaving messages in different places, such as a written note stuck on the fridge or an answer phone message. Through In Touch, members of the household view messages left in text or video format, which are posted directly onto the device or sent remotely. When illuminated, the screen also includes portrait photographs of all the ‘family’ members in the network, which are used as a method of sending messages. To leave a message on the electronic board, just touch the mirror with a stylus and a drawing space opens. To record a video message, touch a blue light in the right-hand corner of the mirror, which turns red and a real-time image of the person recording the message appears in the centre. The message is then recorded.

This coolest board is a must have for all those techno-smart homes. The In Touch is also MMS and SMS compatible allowing you to get in touch with family members even while they’re out of the house.

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