Philips Econova LED TV for Europe comes with solar powered remote control, it’s a green-thing

by Shayne Rana

Green technology is in and companies are launching all kinds of green gadgetry. Philips has just announced a new 24-inch green TV for Europe called the Econova LED TV. It’s got all kinds of green i.e. eco-friendly features like an eco-mode option that will reduce power consumption to only 40W. The TV itself is made from recycled aluminium and has a 0W mode when turned off. The remote control is also doing its share to be eco-friendly, it’s got a slide our panel that’s actually a solar panel to charge it. No batteries. While I’m of the opinion that it’s an innovative idea, I’m a little worried about leaving this shiny thing in the sun too long. If I need to use it quickly, grabbing a ‘hot’ remote isn’t my idea of fun.

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