Philips 132-inch display plus shows 3D picture

by Dhiram Shah

Another cool thing featured at the IFA was Philips new 132″ display (measures diagonally) and can display 3-D pictures without the need for using the glasses. However it’s not a “single gigantic flat panel display”, but nine 42-inch displays placed together on a 3 x 3 grid. Using WOWvx 3-D technology, it tricks your eyes and brain into thinking they’re seeing depth within the room-sized frame. A special lenticular lens apparatus sitting atop each one of the nine displays is used, plus a sophisticated digital signal processing software and hardware hidden behind the screen is used.

Philips this new display may not be practical, each one of those nine displays costs $12,000 apiece; the whole setup will cost around $100,000.

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