Philips unveils WiFi controlled Hue light bulbs

by Gavril Mankoo

Tired of flicking on switches every time you decide to overflow your living space with light? These high-tech lights by Philips called the Hue is the perfect lighting solution for your home, allowing you full control via your smartphone! Controllable via iOS devices, these lights come with an accompanying application that allows you to flick them on and off via WiFi.

These lightbulbs fit into the usual bulb-sockets and can also be programmed to switch on and off at preset time intervals. And that’s not all! The Philips Hue also allows users to create their own presets, enabling you to have your home’s lights slowly dim or brighten as you fall asleep or wake up! Using 600 lumen LED bulbs in a variety of colors, the Philips Hue is the geekiest way to light up your abode!


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