Philips to expand Hue range with LightStrips and Bloom White portable lamps

by Sayan Chakravarty

Philips has been constantly improving its Hue range of lights ever since it was first introduced. The company is all set to expand the line-up by introducing two new products that’ll augment the effects of Hue range. Named ‘Friends of Hue’, it includes portable lamps ‘LivingColorsBloom’ and ‘LightStrips’ which can be controlled by smartphones. The addition of the two new products will immensely increase the lighting options of the Hue system. The White Bloom lamp features a 120 lumen LED light that can be placed at different spots to highlight it. The intensity and the color can be altered using a smartphone app according to the mood.

The lighting strip accentuates architectural features of the room adding hue without the strip being visible. The flexible 2 meter long strips can emit 16 different colors. Both the products will be launched on 8th August and the expected pricing is $90 for the light strips and $80 for bloom lamps.




[Via – Inhabitat]

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