Philips showcases WiFi enabled Cookers, Coffee markers and air purifiers at IFA 2013

by Shayne Rana

Philips has been the consumer electronics game for a long time and while I have to admit they have been innovators, they’ve never been, ‘perfectors’, to coin a phrase. But this year at IFA 2013 in the beautiful city of Berlin in Germany, the company introduced a slew of home appliances with a very ‘interesting’ twist in connectivity, the trend… Wi-Fi and Smart Device connectivity.

Let’s start off with the nifty little Smart Purifier – Destined to be launched in China initially, the Smart Purifier with its compatible smartphone app will give you control over the device even while you’re not at home. It get’s reading from both the indoor and outdoor settings and will provide you with real-time stats, alerts etc, when air quality reaches unsafe levels, so you can take the appropriate actions and adjust settings. All of this with the ease of your mobile handset. Of course this also means leaving your

Second on the list is the HomeCooker neXt – This a prototype that follows up on the previous edition designed with clebrity chef extraordinaire, Jamie Oliver. Once again Wi-Fi and the accompanying app are the key factors here. Via the app, the device is designed to provide users with ‘guidance’ while cooking by showing pictures of ingredients with step-by-step instructions on how to cook and combine them for a meal. The cooker also helps calculate and control the time and temperature settings to cook food so don’t always have to rely on what your mum taught you and or always be around to ensure the food get’s cooked properly.

The third innovation we found intriguing is the Saeco GranBaristo Avanti concept coffee maker. This little device concept is quite remarkable and could prove to be a real ‘entertainer’ at your next party. Via the corresponding iPad app you can ask your guest to choose from a range of coffee options with the ability to make all kinds of subtle adjustments to the flavour or strength of each one’s coffee. After everyone’s made their choices you can move to the machine and make the customized coffees one by one.

They’re all quite interesting and even though some of them are still in the prototype phase, they seem like real winners, for those who’ll able to afford them.

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