Philips multi-colored LED coasters use wireless induction charging

by Gareth Mankoo

Lighting up drinks is everyone’s must. It isn’t Absinthe or the likes that are alone responsible for superior highs. We can create highs ourselves with some cool illusions and illuminations that highlight the color in every sip we take. These cool LED Coasters by Philips have managed to grab our attention and will soon be the spotlight in the bar, when you go ahead and light your sippers.They are resilient to indoor and outdoor usage, water resistant and charge wirelessly, thanks to induction. Being solid also extends to them being scratch resistant and not easily breakable. Housing LEDs has its own pros and cons but Philips have surely weighed out the latter. To turn these off or change the color, all you need to do is tilt them. Being LEDs, you can be rest assured that lighting will not heat up your drink.

The Chrome finish does have its advantages. It makes it neutral to most modern settings and also lets the colorful lights take focus. It’s a good keepsake or a gift for those who like a ferw touches of novelty with each sip they take.




[Via – Philips]

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