Awesome Philips LED carpeting ensures you never stray away

by Gareth Mankoo

Philips are known to lead innovations in electronics and illumination technologies. Their all new energy-efficient LED lighting solution is just the right dose one would need to put them on the pedestal of innovation. Partnering with carpet specialist, Desso, the company has formulated a new material that could help people in indoor environments, guiding them and eliminating the need for shoddy signboards and the likes. The LEDs are a surer alternative to bright lights and neon signs as they are part of the carpet and can be used only when needed.

“This light transmissive carpet solution is designed to engage directly with people’s senses and the eyes’ natural inclination to seek out light. The technology takes advantage of people’s tendency to be guided by the floor when moving through and interacting with space. It brings information, direction, inspiration and safety via the carpet you walk on,” said Ed Huibers, Marketing and Sales Director, at Philips Lighting. The project will be branded next year when the carpets are ready to hit European, Middle Eastern and African markets.



[Via – Inhabitat]