Philips GrowWise Indoor Farm will make farmers of men, again

by Gareth Mankoo

Through the thick and thin of winter and drought, thanks to the concrete jungle we live in, we need food! What better way to provide for yourself than to grow yourself? Philips is now making it possible for the urban dweller to have his way with farming, due credit to the GrowWise Indoor Farm solution. The company unveiled a prototype of the idea at the High Tech Campus in Eindhoven, Netherlands. The facility spanned 234-square meters and comprised of high tech cells that see racks of vegetables, herbs and strawberries planted. LED horticulture seems to be the key driver behind the growth of the plants. The plants reacted differently to various hues of light. The stacking makes sure that each square meter produces tremendous amount of food.

Farmers of the future can look forward to a pest-free agricultural endeavor, thanks to the hygienic conditions that are now well within their control. We are as yet unaware of how greatly different is the experience of eating something grown on these farms. We’re hoping it’s all peachy so that we can have our very own plants reared and nurtured back home.

[Via – Inhabitat]

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