Philips A19 gives LED bulb scene an uplift

by Gareth Mankoo

Philips have made their mark with the popular 12.5W LED bulb. The bulb is used widely in lamps the the company and is among the most mainstay electrical illuminants in the market. Now, however, the A19 arrives with enhanced looks and luminescent properties. By deriving properties of the company’s Hue bulbs, the new A19 seems like its done away with the cooling fins and the yellow remote phosphor has been camouflaged smartly. The 11W version provides 830 lumens while the 12.5W version would offer 800 lumens.

The A19 LED will be sold in two color temperatures, namely soft white (2700K, Energy Star approved) and daylight (5000K). The 5000K A19 LED bulb will go on sale this week, in a couple of Manhattan Home Depot stores. The 2700K model will go on sale through at the start of 2013. Both will cost just under $25.


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