Phenom Wrist watch Phone is the ultimate spy companion

by mohsin

At first glance this watch may appear to be just another shockproof sporty watch, however this watch does not just tell you the time, but even takes your calls.The Phenom Watch Phone is an electronic device that straps around your wrist like a watch, but which contains a telephone, a touch screen, an MP3 and MP4, a digital and video camera, built in Bluetooth, an alarm, group messaging, and even games. Phenom Communications plans to introduce between 10 to 12 new models in different styles and colors. Most will provide a GSM cell phone, USB port, touch screen, MP3 (with an easy to upload and download interface), MP4, and digital camera.

The Phenom Watch Phone is priced approx $295 but this holiday season expect to find it priced at $100.

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