Petwatch timer adds a personal touch to pet feeding

by Dhiram Shah

Worries about getting back home to serve your best friend have just got eliminated! We all love our pets but with our busy lives it is easy to forget to feed our darlings on scheduled time. But with auto pet feeders our life has become easier and pets life safer. Slelecting the right one for your pet just got simpler with Petwatch from Korea. This is a new product which allows remote, real-time caring of pets over wire & wireless networks. It has unique functions that use remote control to allow pet-owners who are away from home to check their pet. Petwatch, by 3B System, allows you to feed and monitor your pet through the Internet by cell phone, personal digital assistant or computer. It serves food automatically to the pet followed by the pet owner’s arranged programs. There is a time booking system and it’s possible to book the feeding time maximum 5 times a day.

The system has three components: a home console, the Web and a PC or handheld computer. A predefined sound to which the pet has been conditioned can be activated, which beckons the pet to within the viewing area of the camera….. Phew so much technology going into a simple task of feeding your best friend! It measures 255 x 366 x 188mm and weighs 3 kgs.

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