The Petfit smart collar makes sure your furry friend stays healthy

by Gavril Mankoo

The Japanese aren’t particularly keen on keeping a constant wary eye on their pet dogs, which is probably why they’ve come up with this fantastic hi-tech collar that promises to keep a check on your furry friend. The collar sports a Petfit tag by NTT DoCoMo that sports a satellite positioning system and hooks on to smartphones to send data to dog owners regarding their pet’s sleeping patterns and calorie intake. Using this, owners can keep a check on when their pets sleep, eat, walk or run. The company hopes to initially target that massive dog-owner market in Japan, with about 11 million people, approximately.

And that’s not all. For the ones who prefer more accuracy in their pet checkups, the collar also monitors how many steps a dog has taken and checks what the ambient temperature is. While many may argue that dogs are intelligent animals that don’t really need constant monitoring, a system like this works great, particularly when used on older or sickly pets, helping their owners make sure they stay in the best of health. The Petfit collar will go on sale this March with a price tag of 25,900 yen, that’s approximately $253. An accompanying application and a yearly subscription is also included in the package.

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