Pet-Eye View Digital Camera

by Dhiram Shah

Keeping a tab on your pet’s whereabouts is not an easy task. Especially if they are the mischievous kinds, there’s no knowing of how truant have they been. A good way of keeping tabs is clipping on the ultra-compact and extremely durable Pet-Eye View Digital Camera. You simply clip it on to your pet’s collar, just like an ID tag. Its water-resistant ABS housing keeps it secure. The internal memory stores lots of photos, and the timer can be set to automatically take a shot every 1, 5, or 15 minutes. The camera includes a USB charger, USB cable, and lithium-ion battery. Hook the cam up to your comp and see where your pet has been roaming.

Pet-Eye View Digital Camera is available for pre-order now but will be out on October for $44.99.