Pet Evacuation Jacket keeps you and your pet safe in emergency

by bharat

Over time those pets at home become part of the family so much so that their owners begin to regard them as special part of their lives, thus taking care of them even more than their own selves. But it becomes tough to manage pets in case of earthquakes, fires etc., which can endanger their and their owner’s life. Enter Pet Evacuation Jacket from JapanTrendShop – you many now easily save your pet in case of an emergency with its fire resistant jacket. Made from Japan’s firefighting Association certified fire resistant material, the pet jacket comes fitted with a heavy duty carry handle to carry the pet comfortably out of danger.

The jacket built in polyester and polyurethane with fireproof acrylic lining has strong pockets on the sides to stalk up all the tools (like – whistle, mini radio, water packs) to fight the emergency situation. Retailing for $549 the Pet Emergency Evacuation Jacket also comes with protective rain hood, freezer gel packs to beat the heat and waterproof slot for ID card, so you never lose your pet again.


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