Perceptive Pixel gives the ultimate interface

by Dhiram Shah

Sci-Fi freaks are going to really love this one. Imagine a touch screen that you manipulate in thin air (just like you saw in Minority Report). Well research scientist Jeff Han from NYU’s Courant Institute is the man of the moment. He has come up with an interface that let’s you do stuff the Tom Cruise did in the movie! At a recent presentation, this is what he had to say about the whole idea, “We are going to introduce a whole new generation of people to computing with the standard keyboard, mouse, and Windows pointer interface.” Scattering and collecting photos like so many playing cards, he added, “This is really the way we should be interacting with the machines.” The interface responds to touch as well as gestures to varying degrees of pressure. Han then pulled up a two-dimensional keyboard that floated slowly across the screen. “There is no reason in this day and age that we should be conforming to a physical device,” he said. “These interfaces should start conforming to us.” With an attitude like that, we think this genius will have a lot of good stuff to offer to us. Jeff Han’s company is called Perceptive Pixel.
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  1. Rytherix

    This is insane, although I think it will be a few years till I have one. But I cant wait for the Teachers to get them, that will be awesome

  2. Max

    All they need now is someone dressed up as John Anderton.

  3. Jerome

    It looks really nice, but what the hell would you do with it besides organize photos? I don’t think anyone in the world could work at a machine like that.
    Maybe you could sell it to kids on drugs?

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