PepsiCo’s Interactive Vending Machine gifts beverages, play games

by Gareth Mankoo

Vending Machines and colas have been going together for a while now. With PepsiCo’s newest attempt we have the Interactive Vending Machine on its way that will do more than just dispense your favorite drink. The machines come with a full touch-screen and allow you to enter any friend’s email ID and name. Following this, the friend will receive a code that will enable them to receive the beverage. What’s more is the vending machine also has a game that rewards you with a free 20-ounce bottle beverage. It’s full of information, mobile charging points, advertisements and more.

The PepsiCo Interactive Vending Machine dispenses Pepsi, Mountain Dew, Sierra Mist Natural, Aquafina and Lipton Green Tea. It can be found at five General Growth Properties’ malls: Columbiana Centre (Columbia, S.C.), Clackamas Town Center (Happy Valley, Ore.), Oglethorpe Mall (Savannah, Ga.), Oakwood Mall (Eau Claire, Wis.) and Park City Center (Lancaster, Pa.).