Pepsi Ice Cucumber

by Dhiram Shah

Suntory will be selling the limited edition Pepsi Ice Cucumber in Japan from June 12th. Surely it will help the Japanese to beat the heat, Ayano from NNI media got a chance to taste the drink. To be available in 500ml bottles, the drink smells more like a perfume he says. Just thinking of Cucumber and Cola makes you feel odd, but the taste is great Ayano adds.

To be available in Japan only for a limited period, I wonder if the Pepsi Ice Cucumber will hit the States.


  1. Murrman84

    Actually, I am spending the summer here in Japan, and I literally just came across this drink in a 7-Eleven, and being the curious type I just had to try it.
    I can tell you right now that the taste is strange, but not bad at all. My friend who tried it described it perfectly I think, in that it tastes like mint root beer. I highly doubt such an unusual flavor will make it to the US though, sorry.

  2. Matka Lososi

    yo murrman, you gots to send me one stateside, all my life i have wished for mint root beer


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