Pentel Ain Supplio pencils with aroma therapy

by Dhiram Shah

Before you get confused let me spell it out for you… Japanese stationery giant Pentel is coming out with pencils that have fragrant lead. It has been developed with the help of expert aroma therapists, and use nanotechnology as well. The pencil is called “Ain supplio” and has won the Stationery of the Year Award (2007). With the nanotechnology, “the fragrant ingredients trapped in nanocapsules, or tiny air bubbles, which are infused into the lead itself.” It simply means that the fragrance will last for a longer period of time. Nearly three years in an unopened package, two years in the case and three months or more if left out, exposed to air.

Ain supplio will come in three fragrances- Refresh, Healing and Positive. Ingredients such as rosemary, mint, lemongrass and green tea have been used to boost “boost the learning capacity of those in smelling range.” The pencils will come out in September and will cost ¥210 (~$2).

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