Pentax K-x miniature concept

by Dhiram Shah

Its hard to walk on the streets of Tokyo and not come across Pachinko parlors, lines of vending machines and capsule stations. To give you a brief idea capsule stations are mini vending machines which usually accept 100 Yen coins and deliver anything from Mario figurines to Pokemon to anime dolls and everything cute in between. For 200 Yen you can get a miniature Pentax K-x camera in 20 colors neatly packed in a capsule. Something unique about these tiny machines is that you will never know what you are getting. So if you are waiting for the red Pentax then be ready to have a handful of 100 Yen coins. The capsule stations are scattered all over the city with each station popping out specific wares, but a brief stroll in Akihabara district will surely get hold of one.
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[Takara Tomy via 8Tokyo]

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