Pedal your phone to a full charge with the K-TOR Power Box

by Gareth Mankoo

I always embrace the idea of working out during a tiring day at work. Be it your desk at home or your cramped office cubicle, getting some motion and movement going can reap multiple benefits. That’s where the K-TOR Power Box comes into play. What’s different from the other desk exercise devices is that it charges your phone as you pedal. It supports all devices that come under or below the 20W cut-off. You can comfortably place it under your desk and keep pumping power into your devices or even borrow colleagues’ devices if you feel the workout wasn’t enough.

Portable, efficient, eco-friendly and healthy, the K-TOR Power Box can be yours for $150. A report says pedaling 13.5 miles takes 500 calories away.

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