PDP Afterglow Multi-HDMI Cable makes connecting HDMI ports simpler

by Gareth Mankoo

Hooking up your home theater system can be scary, especially if you aren’t familiar with varying color-coded cables, ports and the likes. Why take all that pain if you’re paying for a multimedia system that’s so expensive I say. The idea of having the ports at the back, insignificant end of the setup is to keep your deck clean and minimalist. However, figuring out which port takes in which cables is quite simple with the PDP Afterglow Multi-HDMI Cable. The cable is 6-foot long and the illuminated cables make it easier to identify which device they are connected to. Plus it looks really cool.

The cable is not yet released but we’re looking at CES for an early glimpse and for some serious myth-busting. I for once believe that this idea may backfire on the other end of the cable where devices are places remotely and not necessarily near one another.