Parrot Zik Sport Headphones with heart rate monitor for people who love to run

by Shruti Shree

What happens when headphones and biometric sensors which monitor heart rate come together in one gadget? The gadget becomes every runner’s dream, isn’t it? Such is the headphone Parrot Zik Sport, it gives you super fine audio quality, adaptive noise cancellation abled with in-built intra-auricular biometric sensors which measures the heart rate. The Wireless headphones measure other parameters also such as your vertical oscillation which calculates your up and down bounces as you run; another feature the headphones offer that can be very helpful for runners is its ground contact tracking ability. The headphones just weigh 75 grams can be very useful for long runs as they are so light, wireless and sweat proof. And, with all the features on, the battery life is up to 5 hours, too good!

But a headphone’s prime functionality is to provide good quality music, right? Don’t worry; the Zik Sport has six noise cancellation microphones and two voice calling ones. The headphones are the result of collaboration between a famous designer Philippe Stark and the leading French wireless product manufacturers Parrot. If you love running more than any other form of cardio vascular exercise, then these are the headphones for you. The headphones will hit the stores sometime in summer; the official price has not been announced yet.


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