Parker 5th Technology Pens unveiled

by ruchi

The whole smartphone fiesta has definitely got too much in the past few days. Here is a little bit of breather for those who have a penchant for top-notch pens as well. Parker has unveiled a new pen technology that is known to bring together the ease of use of a ball point pen and the class of a fountain pen. Hailed as the Parker 5th Technology, this one will cater to three pre-requisites of any world-class pen-smoothness, clean writing and reliability.

It took makers as much as 18 months to create this one and is known to offer the authentically fifth new way of writing besides the fountain pen, ball point, roller ball and mechanical pencil. So when Parker says it’s the 5th Technology in writing, you know it is not promising the moon here.
The pen is known to work effortlessly in any weather condition, be it ice chambers of lab or even the hot Sahara deserts. Parker will be selling these in two flavors- one being the thicker version with manly nuances and the other being thinner with more elegant design. Within these two flavors, there are further more styles i.e. the Parker Ingenuity – Darling Collection that features a more patterned design; and the Parker Ingenuity – Classic Collection for more traditional pen users. For now, these pens will be exclusively available from the shelves of Harrods and Selfridges for prices starting at £115 i.e. around US$182 equivalent.

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