Pantech Breakout packs 4G LTE expected on Sept. 22nd

by Gareth Mankoo

Pantech are packing some good action on their cellphone front with the release of the 4G LTE-enabled, Breakout phone. This will stand as the most affordable 4G phone yet. Surely, it’s a phone that has a fair bit of vintage maladies that have been done away with in most phones that have rolled in, in the last five years. It will run a 1GHz processor, a 4-inch display, an 8GB microSD card, 5-megapixel camera that shoots 720p HD video and a Swype keyboard for smoother, easier text input. The Wi-Fi hotspot feature in it can connect ten 4G LTE network-capable devices, simultaneously.

The Breakout also holds the temporal record of being the smallest LTE device too. Its costs $99 when you pick it from Verizon, after a $50 rebate.