Panasonic’s ‘sleep’ bed promised a good slumber at $12,178

by Gareth Mankoo

Panasonic are all set to blow your mind away with the best promise of a perfect nap. It’s all about this cool bed developed by Matsushita Electric Works that will have Panasonic’s ‘sleep’ technology in it. The program is capable of understanding lighting, sound and air conditioning in your bedroom so as to fine tune the environment in to put you to sleep. It smartly detects your lack of movement as you near slumber time and gradually controls the music, TV and lighting of the room to save you the trouble of reaching for the distant switches. It undoes all these actions in the morning.

This cool bed surely makes a good deal for those lethargic rich folk who find pressing a remote to adjust the AC as a really strenuous chore. But then, the 1,102,362 Yen (~$12,178) price tag is something that will make them take the treadmill instead.

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