Panasonic’s hearing aid Pocket WH-J25D is Bluetooth and DECT enabled

by Shruti Shree

Panasonic’s latest hearing aid pocket WH-J25D doesn’t quite look like a hearing aid, it is so small, it looks like a cool MP3 player in the hands of a youngster with a set of headphones. But, it is one damn good hearing augmentation device which is Bluetooth and DECT enabled and can be used by people with a mild hearing problem to people who have moderate hearing problem. The hearing aid from Panasonic has a large LCD screen and four preprogrammed settings for different types of noises. For example, if you are watching television and having a conversation with a family member, you will not need to increase the volume of the TV, you can do both together without any problem. And if you have Panasonic intercom in your house, you can connect to it through the hearing aid wirelessly. As the device shares the consonants and vowels of the left and the right ear are shared, there is a lot of clarity in the inaudible words.

Pocket WH-J25D has lithium batteries which last 15 hours on a full charge, if you are watching TV, the battery will last for 12 hours. It is being launched in Japan on March 3rd, 2015 and will be available for a price of ¥ 128,000.

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