Panasonic’s any-battery Flashlight will come true during the Zombie Apocalypse

by Gareth Mankoo

The Mayan’s didn’t prove to be potent predictors, at least as far as the apocalypse is concerned. Now, we see the looming damnation that the promising zombie apocalypse may trigger. There’s no particular date to it so we better be prepared. Panasonic’s on our side with this cool emergency flashlight that can run on any common battery. From AAA to D, the battery supports all. ‘If you insert one of each sized battery you can expect up to 86 hours of operation. The flashlight uses one battery at a time selected by rotating the lamp end of the light.’

The powerful LEDs on the flashlight will ensure that you could look through the darkest caves, which will soon be man’ final refuge before the undead crawl under their skin. It will cost you $24, but that’s too little a price to pay as compared to the hoarding of batteries that will soon ensue.


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