Panasonic Wireless door monitor offers security with style

by Dhiram Shah

Only in Japan can you get a door monitor system which has a monitor that comes in four different colors. The Panasonic VL-MDM100 is a wireless camera system that consists of a camera which can be installed at your door step, a wireless transmitter and a MP3 player sized monitor which doubles as an intercom and a remote control for the camera. A monitor can be connected to four cameras and with a range of 70 meters it is more than enough for a traditional Japanese home. The monitor has a standby time of 100 hours and supports 2.5 hours of viewing and is available in white, off white, coffee and pink color.The unit sells for 29,800 Yen ($ 390) in Japan.

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The camera
The outdoor camera unit
The indoor wireless unit
[Panasonic Japan]

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