Panasonic unveils shampoo robot; plans for commercialization underway

by Gavril Mankoo

Soon, those talkative folk at beauty salons who think it appropriate to dig into your private lives while they shampoo you could turn obsolete. Panasonic has crafted the perfect robot to give your hair a better shampooing treatment than the usual and is currently testing the same at Tokyo. Called the Head Care Robot, this one’s being tested at the Super Hair Seo salon and sports a reclining chair and a mechanized washbasin. After scanning a user’s head, this one releases shampoo jets and works your scalp with 24 robotic fingers, 14 more than the conventional human being!

That’s not all. The robot then adds a conditioner, pampers you with yet another massage, washes your hair and finally blow dries it! Hopefully, Panasonic makes sure to tame these. Rebellious rampaging robots pulling at people’s hair wouldn’t do a lot of good after all.

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