Panasonic to Release 65-inch Full HD Plasma TV for Less Than $10,000 in Japan

by Dhiram Shah

From November 1st Panasonic. will start marketing the industry’s first 65-inch PDP product supporting full HD (2.07 megapixel: 1920 horizontal x 1080 vertical) resolution. Ahead of this, the company will also release three other plasma TV products with a 50-inch or smaller display panel, which it claims only requires the industry’s lowest level of power. Along with the introduction of fine pixel forming technology, Matsushita also improved, in an effort to boost panel luminance, the following two properties. Firstly, the company increased the panel’s aperture ratio by 25%, compared to its existing products. Secondly, the company reduced variance in luminance by pixel. By “revising the panel to the extent of materials and structure,” Matsushita succeeded in reducing variance in response speed to the drive voltage and plasma discharge by pixel and achieved high luminance across the panel.
Via Techon

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