Panasonic EW3D3 Series of 3D glasses are the world’s lightest at 26g only

by ruchi

Panasonic has unveiled a range of 3D active shutter glasses for its 3D-enabled VIERA series of TVs which also claim to be the world’s lightest glasses with a feather weight of just 26 grams. These glasses are known to be as much as 30% lighter than conventional models presently available in the market. The temple part of the glasses is made of lightweight nylon resin that delivers a comfortable fit. It comes with an embedded lithium polymer battery and a single charge of 30 minutes will last you for good 25 hours of viewing experience. In case, the glasses are already very low on juice, a quick 2-min charge will suffice for 3 hours. It will hit Japanese shelves in 3 sizes of S, M and L for a price of US $129 equivalent.


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