Panasonic capsule hotel has a touch of the future

by Gareth Mankoo

Japanese capsule hotel designs are second to none in the world. Or should I ask, how many capsule hotels do we see around the world after all? Here’s one by Panasonic that reminds me of what I’ve been watching in those nightmares of the future. Minus the aliens that have held my limp body captive, this capsule lives up to the dream of a whiter, more minimalist future that will see everything converted to digital from analog (should there be any analog left) and of course, extremely comfortable. What’s more is that this will be located in Kyoto as the 9H (9 hour) facility. So there’s everything you need to sleep in for the night, at a very less price.

The Panasonic 9H capsule hotel was designed by Masaaki Hiromura and Takaaki Nakamura. You can get a quick preview of how the 9H will look at Tokyo’s Axis Gallery on 19th August. So if you’re around the area on the auspicious day, then don’t miss this gig.

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