Panasonic Rulo MC-RS1 is company’s first triangular robotic vacuum cleaner

by Gareth Mankoo

Panasonic has introduced their smart cleaning robotic vacuum cleaner and have christened it, Rulo MC-RS1. The first triangular robotic vacuum cleaner in the market, the Rulo gives a new twist to the idea of a round vacuum cleaner that was characterized by the popular Roomba. The bottom portion of the cleaner will accommodate two side cleaning brushes for those difficult-to-access nooks and corners. The two long side brushes are flanked by a large main rotating brush, making it possible to collect maximum debris in a single sweep. The dust sensor on this one manages to detect the finest particles while the ultrasonic and infrared sensors in the front of the cleaner help it avoid obstacles.

The Panasonic Rulo MC-RS1 is all about triangles and working your way around them. In fact, even the remote control on this one can help navigate the robot as well as toggle the start and stop functions. The robot will make your household cleaning chores look swag, just like Jesse Pinkman’s did. It will set you back 100,000 Yen ($847) though.

[ Via : Panasonic ]

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