Panasonic Real Pro ULTRA 3D Massage Chair simulates a real masseuse

by Gareth Mankoo

Panasonic have taken comforting technology to the next level with the Real Pro ULTRA 3D Massage Chair. In addition to the regular routines it offers 3D massage technology that comprises of multi-directional, double-heated rollers and focused stimulation for soothing hands, legs and feet. The warmth and the well-measured pressure points make the entire experience seem like you’re being treated by a real masseuse. The key features include a full body massage with internal multi-direction rollers that navigate across a virtual map of your body. They help enhance circulation, relax and soothe muscles. Similar to the relief generated by stone therapy, the double-heated rollers create relaxing pressure points on the neck, back and shoulders.

Other cool features include UltraKnead technology that replicates Junetsu techniques and impressive advanced settings that ensure that every nook and cranny of your tired body is well treated and soothed. SRP $9,000.

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