Panasonic Announces first car navigation system with in-built Blu-ray Disc Player

by Shruti Shree

Most of us love going on long drives. But how many us like driving throughout the journey during those four days of our road trip? The answer will be no from most of us, as driving in bad weather, during night time, or just driving continuously for hours can get really exhausting and stressful. Keeping the plight of car drivers in mind, Panasonic has devised a navigation system that will make the journey for the driver more comfortable and less stressful. Panasonic has announced world’s first car navigation system called “Strada Miyu (micro Yu) Navi series” in four models. The models are “CN-RX01WD”, “CN-RX01D”, “CN-RS01WD” and “CN-RS01D” and will available in console sizes of 180 mm and 200 mm.

panasonic-car-navigation-system-3The main features of the system look promising. The display is LCD 7-inch wide and has the resolution of 800*480 pixels. Two models of “RX” model number are of capacitive type, and the other two models of “RS” model number have adopted the touch panel of the resistance pressure sensitive analog type. In addition, four models also are equipped with full-seg tuner. An HDMI output has been provided which will enable you to connect your camera to the rear monitor, which will help you to take a peek at the children’s and pets activities sitting in the back seat, on your navigation screen . Your children can also enjoy their favorite animation movie in the rear monitor as it also has a BD Player, in addition to CD and DVD players. The navigation system has the ability to show you in advance the road sign, which are sometimes poorly visible due to darkness or bad weather. The speed limit and pauses for that particular road are also displayed and making it safer to drive, which in turn take the stress out of driving and make the journey for the driver more comfortable and enjoyable. The Panasonic navigation system also has voice interaction capabilities and can detect 1700 types of general audio commands which will help you keep your hands just on the steering and nowhere else.

panasonic-car-navigation-system-4The Panasonic Car Navigation System will be up for sale in mid-November. The RX models will be priced at 180,000 yens ($ 1694.5) and RS models will be priced at 110,000 yens ($1035.5). We think that the price is a little too much, but if you like to go on road trips frequently or your office is very far from your home, then the device is worth it.

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