Panasonic air conditioners can be voice controlled with a smartphone

by Shayne Rana

Like most of the other companies, Panasonic is also trying very hard to integrate better connectivity with their appliances via smartphone app support. After their VIERA Smart TV app that lets you hook up to your TV via your handset, the latest from the company is the “Panasonic smart application” that will come with voice recognition functionality. This update is scheduled for sometime next month and should also be available with their ‘X-Series’ of smartphones. This new app allows you to connect to your smart-appliances from Panasonic, in this case their new AC. With a simply voice command you can have your AC switch on, even if you’re not at home. Other features of the app include powering Off the appliance, checking other operating conditions like displaying the electricity bill details, controlling air-flow and of course changing the temperature.

With simple voice commands like “on cooling, 28 ℃” you can adjust the temperature and control the appliance. It also has a teach function to better understand your voice commands and explain how it works. But naturally, since it is a smartphone based operation, I doubt it would be hard to follow. For those who like dishing out commands, here’s one more thing you can control without lifting a finger.


[Via – Impress]

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