The first airconditioner that comes with LED lights and a Bluetooth speaker

by Shruti Shree

When everything we use these days is multipurpose, why would ACs lag behind? Enter Panasonic AC from the NX Series which will play the songs in your smartphone through its Bluetooth speakers. You can play music from your smartphone wirelessly. The sound will appear as though it is falling from the ceiling. The Air Conditioner “CS-NX405C2” from Panasonic will not only play your favorite tunes, but it also has an indoor lighting unit which will illuminate the ceiling. The LED indoor lighting unit comes with two options – “warm color” and “white color”; for you to choose the one you like. For your optimal comfort and relaxation, there is “ceiling air current shower” mode which does not allow the wind to hit your body directly. The noise coming from the AC will be reduced with the newly devised fan control.

panasonic -ac-nx-series-3You will have to just install the “Good Night Navi” app on your smartphone. The app will display the temperature control and sleep log of the bedroom. A new update will be done in June which is called “body movement coordination mode”. The motion coordination mode will analyze your body movements and automatically control the AC on the basis of it. Using the “Good Night Navi” application, the music from your smartphone can be turned off automatically at bedtime. The AC will be released in Japan on April 21. The estimated price for CS-NX285C is around ¥ 240,000 and CS-NX405C2 is around ¥ 260,000.

panasonic -ac-nx-series-4

panasonic -ac-nx-series-2