Pac-Man business card holder can make business deals click

by Gareth Mankoo

What’s your take on some really entertaining Pac-Man action? Well, the intriguing fact of it being exciting, thanks to the constant fear of being eaten by some badass colorful monsters. That may be the reason half the world or so respect this classic game. Then there’s the whole possibility that your business partners may share the same views. And when you roll out your business card from this Pac-Man card holder, the pair of you could strike a deal in the meeting, from the word go. Think about it. This isn’t a mere supposition. I mean what are the odds of ‘nots’ anyway. Well, you know, it’s not a new thing at all but we’re digging some retro stuff out if it’s heart-tugging enough and this card holder fits that bill.

There are two sections in the holder, for your cards and your clients’. It’s available as a ‘screen’ and ‘game’ version. $15.