Pac Man for Xbox 360

by Dhiram Shah

Get ready for the new Pac-Man Championship Edition game, which will feature the first new mazes in 26 years and is a departure from the traditional arcade game. The new game will be launched on the Xbox Live Marketplace for 800 Microsoft points. This news was announced by Microsoft, together with Namco Bandai Games America at the Pac-Man World Championships in New York’s Times Square.

The finalists Robert Glashuettner from Austria (age 28) and Carlos Romero from Mexico (age 27) were at loggerheads to win the new version title. Both were competing for the chance to win 100,000 Microsoft points (valued at about $1,250), a special Pac-Man edition of the Xbox 360, and free Quizno’s sandwiches for the next 26 years. Carlos Romero emerged the winner and took home the cream while Robert Glashuettner pocketed 40,000 Microsoft points, which is valued at about $500.

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