Pac-Man Ghost Lamp haunts you with nostalgic hues

by Gareth Mankoo

We’ve all strained our fingers in a bid to protect the righteous yellow chomper from the many ghosts who created ruckus in his habitat. Yet, Pac-Man fans can never have enough of him. These amazing lamps are here to remind you of an era that was, when everyone indulged in 8-bit pleasures, jabbing furiously at physical buttons and yanking levers. The lamp is shaped like the Pac-Man ghost and is available in a spectrum of 16 colors, all in one piece, changable with the help of a remote control. It also packs settings such a Strobe, Flash, Dim and Smooth Fade.

The Pac-Man Ghost Lamp will create the illusion of being afloat beside your bed, adding effect to excellence. It is a 100%, officially licensed merchandise of the Pac-Man group and will set you £35 ($56).

[Available at: Firebox]

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