Ozone Inflatable Lounger – with built in speakers

by Dhiram Shah

Move over Bean Bags, you days are numbered. Usher in the latest concept in fine Lounging. You could be excused for mistaking it as a prop from some Sc-Fi movie, cause this chair has a unique, futuristic design and strange shape. It’s actually an inflatable chair with speakers and an auxiliary input for your iPod, MP3, CD player or even your TV! Aptly called The Ozone Lounger, it really looks good, feels good and sounds good! This ‘tough cookie’ is constructed from ultra durable PVC and with some respect, it will last you for a very long time. It comes ready to inflate with two speakers molded into the lining of the chair that can be hooked up to any iPod, MP3 player, CD player or TV.

The speakers require no internal charge and will take their power straight from the media to which they’re connected. Its doughnut like shape perfectly supports your body, and positions you in a laid back, reclined posture. They’ve thrown in a foot pump and puncture repair kit too. The Ozone Lounger costs GBP 29.95 ($ 57)


  1. Ozone Inflatable Lounger; Pimp Your Dorm

    I remember from my boarding school days, how envious I was of the kids who managed to scramble a chair our couch into their rooms. The only problem was lugging something as big as a love seat all the way…

  2. David Lairn

    WOW I Want One Now..


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